A Brothers Love

by Jack Bartlett

I sit here and wonder why they took you away.

I think to myself why now why today.

I lie here in my bed at night.

I think to myself why not talk why fight.


Fighting’s how they took my brother

From me.


Now I can only dream of us at sea.

Him and me standing tall in the middle of

Rayleigh hall.

Our Fathers smile and our mothers tear

So very proud of our careers.

Now that will away.never happen for me.

We will never sail the sea’s.

I miss you bruv, you inspired me.

Now I’m going to join the Navy.

I’ll make you proud

Won’t let you down and never make our parents frown

I’ll try real hard just for you.

Give 100 percent in the work I do.

I’d just like to I miss you bruv

Then you flew

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