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Our aim is to raise funds to help maintain our education package, in which we educate people about the dangers of excessive drinking, and how one night of heavy drinking can turn into a devastating night.

We travel across the United Kingdom delivering our education package to schools, colleges, universities and military establishments and we can not do with without your support.

So How Can You Help?

Old Mobile Phones: If you have any old mobile phones that you no longer want and wish to have them recycled to help raise money for 1PCK please drop us a message using the Contact Us page.

Wrist Bands: You can show your continued support by purchasing one of our ‘KYLE’ or ‘1PCK’ wrist bands which are available from us, again please use the Contact Us page if you wish to purchase one.

One Time Donation: If you wish you can make a one time or a regular donation (via direct debit) to the 1PCK  – please Contact Us.

Charity Events: We regularly hold charity events in aid of 1PCK and would love to see you there. Our events are located in the Events Section of our website. You will also be able to purchase tickets online as and when they are required. If you have any ideas please Contact Us

One thought on “Support Us

  1. Hello,

    Please could you pass our grateful thanks to Ann Bartlett.

    She visited our school last week and the pupils were dumb struck. The impact has been noticeable and staff have referred to Ann’s talk when talking to pupils.

    Thank you and kind regards

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