Auction was a winner!

I would like to start by saying a big thank you to Rhyanne for running the online auction this week. It has taken a fair bit of her time, but we have managed to raise around £230 to go towards our funds. Well done Rhy.
We held a meeting this week and we were introduced to Rob Jordan, who has volunteered to help Rhyanne with future fundraising projects. Welcome aboard Rob.  If there are any others out there that would like to help in some way , please feel free to contact us.
This week we received a cheque from Woolmer Forest Lions so that we can purchase a printer, and the funding for a new laptop has been approved this week as well.

Today, Remembrance Sunday as been emotional for me as usual, not because Kyle was killed in active duty, but because he was still a member of the armed forces when he was killed. I remember being very proud of him when he took park in the parades throughout his career. So today I visited his grave & placed my poppy there for him so that we will remember him .

We are now looking forward to more exciting things happening on the run up to Christmas.

Stay safe


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