Norfolk Constabulary

Wow! ¬†We had an amazing day with Norfolk Constabulary on Friday. First, we met and they wanted to listen to Kyle’s story and we discussed our hopes for the future of 1 Punch UK.

Then we did some filming ready for a podcast to be put together for use within secondary schools throughout Norfolk and then being used as part of continuing education nationwide.  Hopefully this will be also be picked by other Police forces to use as well.
We have been asked to go into as many schools as possible (52) to deliver the presentation to students & also take part in some restoracle justice sessions, which may well include talking to the parents of young people with behavior problems.
This week has been huge for us in being recognized & getting the word out there. We will keep you posted as many ideas were discussed but need to be confirmed.

Ann Bartlett

May angel light shine on you

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