Student killed with one punch

Sudanese student Anowar Tagabo who died after being assaulted on Carver Street in Sheffield city centre

A man has admitted killing a student he attacked in ‘a moment of madness’ on a night out in Sheffield city centre.

Nathan Tomlinson, aged 24, of Haslam Crescent, Lowedges, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of 25-year-old Anowar Tagabo, who had moved to the UK for a better life, yesterday.

Mr Tagabo, originally from Sudan, was studying Peace and Development Studies at University of Bradford and had gone for a night out in Sheffield after attending a wedding.

He was knocked unconscious by Tomlinson during an attack in which he was punched once.

Mr Tagabo was rushed to hospital but died nine days later from head injuries.

Senior Investigating Officer Natalie Shaw said: “Mr Tagabo was a talented young man with his life ahead of him which was snatched from him in a moment of madness by Tomlinson.

“Sadly, this case highlights the dangers of losing your temper and punching somebody.

“A split second decision made in anger can have tragic consequences, ruining the lives of the people involved, their friends and families.

“The defendant’s guilty plea has spared Mr Tagabo’s family the ordeal of a trial which is some small consolation.”

Mr Tagabo’s friend Youssef Al-Manea, who studied Development and Peace Studies with the first-year student, said: “He was a really, really nice fella, very kind and got along with people.

“He had lots of friends and was always going out and socialising.

“I’m struggling to manage to see just how he got into trouble, all I can imagine is it was completely unprovoked. He was so kind and I’m just so shocked.”

Tomlinson is due to be sentenced next month.

Three other men were arrested in connection with Mr Tagabo’s death in the early stages of the investigation.

Two have been released without charge and one remains on bail pending further inquiries.

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