Parents, Teachers and Other Staff Members

15 August 2016 – Anon – “I just wanted to get in touch to say how wonderful you are for starting this charity and for dealing with what you are. My husband was also attacked and nearly died from one punch – I would love to help you in anyway I can with your work. Do let me know if I can.   I’m so sad for your loss“.

15 August 2016 – Anon – “Hi my partner was punched on a night out, luckily he survived, he was in a coma for 9days went to rehab and has/ is recovering the best he can. He has speech difficulties as he’s had to learn how to speak from scratch anyhow we are interested in helping raise awareness of what can happen after one punch, we were given a second chance and would like to use it in helping prevent things like this happening. Hope to hear from u soon. Kind regards”

15 August 2016 – Anon – “Hi, I’ve just seen the programme one punch killers, I’ve been the victim of this and have survived over my horrific injury’s, there was no mention of man punching a woman which is what happened to me, I feel this needs to be more spoken about

13 April 2016 – RAFA – Alton Branch – “Thank you so much for your talk last night everyone was moved by it and have taken it on board to pass the word to our cadets and their grandchildren.
Very courageous of you to go through all those emotions time and time again though fully understand why you do. Many thanks”

10 December 2015 – Notre Dame High School – “I am just emailing regarding the ‘One Punch Can Kill’ presentation. It was very powerful and sobering ( and, as a mother of a 23 year old son, quite heart-wrenching). It really held the attention of the students but we could only deliver to one year group, Y9 and, obviously, there 4 more year groups in school who could really benefit from seeing and hearing about Anne’s (and Kyle’s) experience. Year 12 and 13 are probably already doing the Prince of Wales Road ‘right of passage’!! If funding allows, we would jump at the possibility of future access to the presentation.  Please pass on our thanks to Anne; and to Tori for the sterling support she provided“.

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