Our Students

Litcham High School – Norfolk – (10-3-16)

“Very good, and very emotional and I learnt a lot. Thank you.”

“It was a very emotional assembly that got the point across.”

“It makes you realise HOW important it is not to fight as you could take someone’s life.”

Dereham Neatherd High School – Norfolk – (10-3-16)

“Thankful of the woman for sharing her story and I hope it can help other people.”

“Really hard-hitting assembly, very sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing it with us.”

“The short film was quite gripping. The way you presented the whole story was very effective. I’m
sorry for your loss.”
“I was really shocked to know only one punch can kill and Ann was really brave to share her story.”

Fakenham Academy – Norfolk – (25-2-16)

“I’m sorry Ann had to go through this”

“I think the presentation that was shown in this present assembly will make many of the youthful generation more aware of the potential effects of our violence”

Alderman Peel High School – Norfolk – (24-2-16)

“It was great, thank you”

“Emotional presentation but it makes you realise the effect and consequences”

“It was really good and made people aware”

“Very strong message”

“I’m sincerely sorry for anyone who has been affected by this sort of thing”

“It was really good!  I’m sorry for your loss”

Wymondham College – Norfolk – (4-2-16)

“Great presentation, really made me think”

“It was extremely eye opening”

“I was not aware of this before, and now I am”

“Really good presentation with touching story”

“Made me much more aware of the situation. Very inspiring”

“I am very sorry for your loss, and Kyle’s story really opened my eyes to the dangers of being in fights. ‘One punch kills’ really should be promoted and I wish the best for the future”

Old Buckingham High school – Norfolk – (4-2-16)

“You done really well, you got the message across really clearly. Well done.”

“I think the ladies story was inspiring”

“It was well put across that no one should hit.”

“A very brave lady”

“It was devastating to hear about this and I will be sure to tell people about it. “

“Do not get angry, control your anger”

Diss High School – Norfolk (7-12-15)

Sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story

Heart breaking story

I learnt a lot, I’ve sadly been punched before and sorry for your loss

Hethersett Academy School – Norfolk (7-12-15)

Very emotional and impactful

I do not think that applies to us yet”.

It’s wrong, not bullying but classed as murder p.s. was emotional and sad



A piece of work from a student called Sam , who has seen the talk this week. I think we might need to run a competition to see who can produce the best poster.

This beautiful poem was written by a student that attended one of our presentations this year.


Watching him grow up
From a boy to a young man
His dad never at home
His mum coping alone

As the ship leaves the harbour
A mother waves goodbye
She knows they’ll be back again soon
Until then she will cry

Seeing the ship float back in
Her eyes filling with pride
Her baby boy coming back home
After such her lonesome ride

Hannah x

(Jan 2016)

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