Ups and downs

Hi everyone ,
Iv had another busy week with lots of ups & a few downs.
The downs have been family related and because I sometimes miss Kyle so much its hurts, the family don’t like to see me in pain , so keep their distance. Sometimes its a very lonely place to be.
On the up side of things , I caught up with my pal & right hand man, Rhyanne. We discussed a few things to do with the charity and there are great plans ahead for us.
I went to visit Academy Training Partnership and met up with my old friend Kim Furphy who plays an important role within the company. They have kindly said that will support 1 Punch UK in the future , so we are able to achieve some more goals in the future.
Tomorrow (3rd November) is the day of our online auction , so look at our Facebook page if you fancy a bargain & would like to contribute to our fund for a new gazebo ,so that we have some protection to the elements when we do promotion stands at various events .
Look out for future events , lots are planned , come along & say Hi.
Have a great week & stay safe


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