What A Result!

Well this week has seen some good results.

We had a final figure from our collected sponsorship from Liphook and District Businessmen’s Association (LiDBA) 25 Mile bike ride.  Altogether a sum of £505 was raised!  We would like to thank our riders: Spike Hughes, Maddie Hassle, Lee Hassle, Carmel Hassle, Rhyanne Harvey, Sam Bartlett, Dean Murkin and Shanka Jones.  Also our junior riders who were Izzy and Bobby Hughes.

We are now looking to put the team together for next year, so if anyone would like to help us raise funds whilst enjoying a fun 25 mile bike ride, just drop us a line.  Rhyanne and Rob are currently working very hard at getting our online auction up and ready which will be running 3rd-7th November.  We are still looking for items to auction off, so if you have anything you would care to donate for this event please contact Rhyanne.  Don’t forget to join us on Facebook.

Sam has been organising a 24hr fishathon which will take place in 2015 at £35 a ticket.  Please look out for further updates on this event and let us know if you are interested in taking part.

I have been making new contacts this week and we now have some new support from Academy Training Partnership in Portsmouth and also Trident Events who are putting a monthly event on at the SouthSea Pyramids.


All in all its been a very exciting week!


As always, stay safe


Ann Bartlett x

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