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Our aim is to raise awareness of alcohol related violence and how One Punch CAN Kill. We aim to educate young people on the dangers of drinking so much that they could lose control of their temper and they could land a fatal punch or they could be the one the be on the receiving end.

How to book

Please contact the charity directly to book onto the organised charity date shown in the events calendar and pay your £50 deposit to secure your place! Contact Rhyanne Jones on 07484752884 or Email

All you need to do is raise a minimum of £500 for the charity and you can jump for free! If you would like to jump on another date you are more than welcome to. Please contact GOskydive directly to book. – then call the charity to inform them as well as collect the sponsorship form

Gone But Not Forgotten – 19/03/2017

  1. Nadeem Aslam – Solihull – Aged 42 – December 2016

Arek Jozwik -Essex – Aged 39 – August 2016

Oliver Dearlove – London – Aged 30 – August 2016

Thomas Hulme – London – Aged 23 – August 2016

Bobby Hines – Bristol – Aged 56 – May 2016

Paul Lightowler – Liverpool – Aged 60 – May 2016

Archie Lloyd – Winchester – Aged 18 – August 2015

Lewis Siddall – Doncaster – Aged 24 – August 2015

Richard Davies – Leeds – Aged 52 – May 2015

Robert Bryan – HMP Doncaster – Aged 43 – February 2015

Shane Bower – Grimsby – Aged 38 – February 2015

Richard Stroud – Guildford- Aged 46 – January 2015

John Potts – Washington, Sunderland – Aged 45 – November 2014

Mark Dixon – Hartlepool – Aged 32 – October 2014

Michael Carter – Manchester – Aged 49 – September 2014

Mark Hurren – Middlesborough – Aged 40 – August 2014

James Darrah – Hertfordshire – Aged 54 – August 2014

George Wedderburn – Northampton – Aged 61 – August 2014

Jake Sweeney – Caerphilly – Aged 26 – August 2014 – YNWA

Robert Higgins – Wallasey – Aged 61 – July 2014

Anowar Tagabo – Sheffield – Aged 25 – May 2014

Jonathon Woodhall – Tamworth – Aged 27 – April 2014

Laurence ‘Michael’ McGeown – Dundalk – Aged 60 – March 2014

Peter Wilmot – Essex – Aged 41 – February 2014

Andrew Feather – Halifax – Aged 38 – February 2014

Caroline Finigan – Manchester – Aged 29 – January 2014

Kenneth Brough – Newcastle – Aged 65 – January 2014

‘Salford John’ Millett – Manchester – Aged 34 – January 2014

Andrew Young – Bournemouth – Aged 40 – November 2013

Ronald Hayes – Northumberland – Aged 63 – November 2013

George Verrier – Bromley – Aged 17 – September 2013

David Brown – Warrington – Aged 33 – August 2013

Matthew Welford – Garforth W.Yorksire – Aged 41 – June 2013

Vitalis Katakinas – London – Aged 34 – June 2013

Simon Mitchell – Bolton – Aged 43 – June 2013

James Simpson – Perthshire – Aged 44 – June 2013

Wesley Clutterbuck – Rochdale – Aged 19 – June 2013

David Hutchinson – Lancashire – Aged 63 – June 2013

Raymond Cannon – Knypersley – Aged 52 – May 2013

Gareth Francis – Stockport – Aged 28 – January 2013

Christopher Findley – Wolverhampton – Aged 33 – January 2013

Joseph Kent – Middleton – Aged 24 – January 2013

Patrick Lawless – East Molesey – Aged 20 – November 2012

Robert Hurdley – Rotherham – Aged 45 – October 2012

Connor Saunders – Rottingdean – Aged 19 – April 2012

Christopher Monks – Southport – Aged 22 – March 2012

Anthony Owen – Cheshire – Aged 68 – March 2012

Joe McDermott – Litherland – Aged 52 – October 2011

Kevin Harrison – Raunds – Aged 48 – September 2011

James Hodgkinson – London – Aged 28 – August 2011

Mark Haley – Hook – Aged 53 – August 2011

Anthony Hancock – Bishop Auckland -Aged 42 – April 2011

Spencer Freeman – Middlesbrough – Aged 42 – April 2011

Stephen Shaw – Oldham – Aged 57 – April 2011

Wayne Amess – Hull – Aged 40 – January 2011

Thomas Gower – Sheffield – Aged 26 – December 2010

Kristian Thompson – Burnopfield – Aged 19 – assaulted on September 2010 – Passed away on July 2011

Paul Woods – Glasgow – Aged 29 – July 2010

David Cox – Oxford – Aged 56 – June 2010

Louis Baillie – Merseyside – Aged 39 – June 2010

Peter Jones – Buckley – Aged 24 – May 2010

Andrew Molloy – Oldham – Aged 25 – March 2010

Brian Lawrie – Musselburgh – Aged 22 – February 2010

Brett Baker – Plymouth- Aged 37 – January 2010

Andrew Gibson – Darlington – Aged 19 – December 2009

Scott Sheard – Merseyside – Aged 24 – Assaulted in October 2009 – Passed away January 2012

Neil Edwards – Wrexham – Aged 39 – October 2009

Neil McDonald – Macclesfield – Aged 34 – August 2009

Ben Lund – Eastbourne – Aged 19 – July 2009

Adam Rogers – Blackburn – Aged 24 – July 2009

Michael Flint – Manchester – Aged 18 – July 2009

David Cox – Doncaster – Aged 18 – June 2009

Kyle Bartlett – Bordon – Aged 21 – May 2009

Scott Emsley – Dundee – Aged 19 – May 2009

Jade Defoe – London – Aged 26 – April 2009

Clifford Champion – Chingford – Aged 64 – February 2009

Jonathan Bennett – Rhyl – Aged 40 – February 2009

Liam Munn – Nottingham – Aged 19 – January 2009

Joseph Devine – Bessacarr – Aged 41 – October 2008

Dominic Barritt – Essex – Aged 18 – August 2008

Mohammed Al-Majed – Hastings – Aged 16 – August 2008

Toby Cooke – Luton – Aged 25 – May 2008

Janusz Krason – London – Aged 36 – May 2008

William McNaught – Gloucester – Aged 24 – May 2008

James Latimer – Bedford – Aged 22 – May 2008

Nathan Ridler – Bournemouth – Aged 17 – February 2008

Craig Hargreaves – Normanton – Aged 19 – January 2008

Ron Sharples – Cleveland – Aged 52 – January 2008

Dean Windle – Cleadon – Aged 26 – November 2006

Jacob Collett – Lillington Avenue – Aged 17 – May 2005

Andrew Batten – Leeds – Aged 42 – October 1995

Stay Safe This Christmas

Sadly this weekend I have read of yet another young man that has been involved in a fight & is now fighting for his life. I just hope he pulls through. My thoughts are with the family at this time.
I have just received news today that all of the schools that have been contacted in the Norfolk area have agreed to me giving my talk next year.
We are currently working on an education package to deliver to all schools & youth groups throughout the country, to be rolled out in 2015.

I was invited to attend the launch of Tybuk toolbox last week. It is very well put together & I’m sure it will be a very successful tool in helping young people understand the implications of knife crime.

We’ve got a busy week ahead , concentrating on launching our jingle for December & meetings with various councils about plans for the future.

Stay safe out there


Kindness always goes a long way

I have just come back from talking to students at Havant sixth form college, where I met lots of lovely teachers & students.

It was a very interesting morning networking with the local police team & other people on the stands.  Many students had put together lots of information about their chosen subjects , which included raising awareness about the detrimental affects of smoking , alcohol misuse , road safety, sexual health issues, fitness and the importance of not taking drugs. Everyone did very well.
A special Thank You to the girls on the No smoking stand that decided to donate the funds they had raised all morning, to One Punch UK.
Next up for this week is the TYBUK launch day in Bovington. I’d like to wish Jane & her team the best of luck & I will see you there on Thursday .

Auction was a winner!

I would like to start by saying a big thank you to Rhyanne for running the online auction this week. It has taken a fair bit of her time, but we have managed to raise around £230 to go towards our funds. Well done Rhy.
We held a meeting this week and we were introduced to Rob Jordan, who has volunteered to help Rhyanne with future fundraising projects. Welcome aboard Rob.  If there are any others out there that would like to help in some way , please feel free to contact us.
This week we received a cheque from Woolmer Forest Lions so that we can purchase a printer, and the funding for a new laptop has been approved this week as well.

Today, Remembrance Sunday as been emotional for me as usual, not because Kyle was killed in active duty, but because he was still a member of the armed forces when he was killed. I remember being very proud of him when he took park in the parades throughout his career. So today I visited his grave & placed my poppy there for him so that we will remember him .

We are now looking forward to more exciting things happening on the run up to Christmas.

Stay safe


Ups and downs

Hi everyone ,
Iv had another busy week with lots of ups & a few downs.
The downs have been family related and because I sometimes miss Kyle so much its hurts, the family don’t like to see me in pain , so keep their distance. Sometimes its a very lonely place to be.
On the up side of things , I caught up with my pal & right hand man, Rhyanne. We discussed a few things to do with the charity and there are great plans ahead for us.
I went to visit Academy Training Partnership and met up with my old friend Kim Furphy who plays an important role within the company. They have kindly said that will support 1 Punch UK in the future , so we are able to achieve some more goals in the future.
Tomorrow (3rd November) is the day of our online auction , so look at our Facebook page if you fancy a bargain & would like to contribute to our fund for a new gazebo ,so that we have some protection to the elements when we do promotion stands at various events .
Look out for future events , lots are planned , come along & say Hi.
Have a great week & stay safe


Norfolk Constabulary

Wow!  We had an amazing day with Norfolk Constabulary on Friday. First, we met and they wanted to listen to Kyle’s story and we discussed our hopes for the future of 1 Punch UK.

Then we did some filming ready for a podcast to be put together for use within secondary schools throughout Norfolk and then being used as part of continuing education nationwide.  Hopefully this will be also be picked by other Police forces to use as well.
We have been asked to go into as many schools as possible (52) to deliver the presentation to students & also take part in some restoracle justice sessions, which may well include talking to the parents of young people with behavior problems.
This week has been huge for us in being recognized & getting the word out there. We will keep you posted as many ideas were discussed but need to be confirmed.

Ann Bartlett

May angel light shine on you

What A Result!

Well this week has seen some good results.

We had a final figure from our collected sponsorship from Liphook and District Businessmen’s Association (LiDBA) 25 Mile bike ride.  Altogether a sum of £505 was raised!  We would like to thank our riders: Spike Hughes, Maddie Hassle, Lee Hassle, Carmel Hassle, Rhyanne Harvey, Sam Bartlett, Dean Murkin and Shanka Jones.  Also our junior riders who were Izzy and Bobby Hughes.

We are now looking to put the team together for next year, so if anyone would like to help us raise funds whilst enjoying a fun 25 mile bike ride, just drop us a line.  Rhyanne and Rob are currently working very hard at getting our online auction up and ready which will be running 3rd-7th November.  We are still looking for items to auction off, so if you have anything you would care to donate for this event please contact Rhyanne.  Don’t forget to join us on Facebook.

Sam has been organising a 24hr fishathon which will take place in 2015 at £35 a ticket.  Please look out for further updates on this event and let us know if you are interested in taking part.

I have been making new contacts this week and we now have some new support from Academy Training Partnership in Portsmouth and also Trident Events who are putting a monthly event on at the SouthSea Pyramids.


All in all its been a very exciting week!


As always, stay safe


Ann Bartlett x

Meeting, meetings and meetings……

Wow ! What a week !
We started the week with a meeting with the Woolmer Forest Lions club. They have kindly agreed to fund the purchase of a new printer for us. It will enable us to print out our letters & other stationary , minutes of meetings & scan all our documents for safe keeping.
Wednesday I had a meeting with Community First regarding a new constitution & they will continue to give help & guidance to us regarding the set up of the new committee & setting up of the charity.
Thursday saw us receiving a cheque for £500 from HMS Sultan. The donation will help us to continue to raise awareness over the coming months.
It has been a very hectic but productive week. Roll on next week !

Ann Bartlett, receiving the fantastic donation from HMS Sultan
Ann Bartlett, receiving the fantastic donation from HMS Sultan

Thank you so much. Lloyd Boyce, Ann Bartlett, Rhyanne Harvey

Student killed with one punch

Sudanese student Anowar Tagabo who died after being assaulted on Carver Street in Sheffield city centre

A man has admitted killing a student he attacked in ‘a moment of madness’ on a night out in Sheffield city centre.

Nathan Tomlinson, aged 24, of Haslam Crescent, Lowedges, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of 25-year-old Anowar Tagabo, who had moved to the UK for a better life, yesterday.

Mr Tagabo, originally from Sudan, was studying Peace and Development Studies at University of Bradford and had gone for a night out in Sheffield after attending a wedding.

He was knocked unconscious by Tomlinson during an attack in which he was punched once.

Mr Tagabo was rushed to hospital but died nine days later from head injuries.

Senior Investigating Officer Natalie Shaw said: “Mr Tagabo was a talented young man with his life ahead of him which was snatched from him in a moment of madness by Tomlinson.

“Sadly, this case highlights the dangers of losing your temper and punching somebody.

“A split second decision made in anger can have tragic consequences, ruining the lives of the people involved, their friends and families.

“The defendant’s guilty plea has spared Mr Tagabo’s family the ordeal of a trial which is some small consolation.”

Mr Tagabo’s friend Youssef Al-Manea, who studied Development and Peace Studies with the first-year student, said: “He was a really, really nice fella, very kind and got along with people.

“He had lots of friends and was always going out and socialising.

“I’m struggling to manage to see just how he got into trouble, all I can imagine is it was completely unprovoked. He was so kind and I’m just so shocked.”

Tomlinson is due to be sentenced next month.

Three other men were arrested in connection with Mr Tagabo’s death in the early stages of the investigation.

Two have been released without charge and one remains on bail pending further inquiries.