kyle.jpgWe all like to have a fun.  A kick about down the local field, a few drinks with our friends, a few laughs. For most of us we know when to stop drinking. We know when we’ve had enough. But for a few of us we don’t know when to stop!

What if you were involved in a fight? What if someone got punched? What if that someone was you?

Kyle Bartlett was one of those people. He was punched so hard, that he was knocked to the ground with such force that he suffered a brain injury and was found to be brain dead in hospital within the next few hours.

Since Kyle’s death, it has become clear that he is not the only man to have lost his life this way. ONE PUNCH killings are happening far too often.

Our aim is to raise the awareness about mindless violence and how ONE PUNCH CAN KILL. We aim to educate young people about dangers of  losing control of their temper and they too, could land a fatal punch or even be the one the be on the receiving end.

Sadly the youngest person to have been sentenced was just 14 years old, the victim had only given him directions.

Sadly this has happened to many other families across the country, see their stories on our other stories page.

All we ask is that young people learn to drink responsibly & think of their actions & consequences. One of our motto’s is DRINK BUT THINK!

If you feel that you would benefit from our education package or would prefer an informal chat about the One Punch Can Kill campaign please contact Ann through the “contact us” page.

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